5 Important Tips to Sell Your Home This Spring

If you have ever tried to sell your house in the spring or summer than you may be all too familiar with high buyer-demand.  There is also usually a significant  increase in sellers during this time of year; and depending on the local market, there is a lot of competition from all sellers who are looking to sell. Glen Gill, broker and owner at Landmark Properties in… Read More

Four Reasons Why Empty Houses No Longer Sell

Every morning on my Lima area social media feed, I see picture after picture of empty rooms posted by real estate professionals. So many empty dining rooms, breakfast rooms, kitchens, living and bedrooms. Do I stop and click on the photo, intrigued to have a look at the room, the house, the property? No, I just scroll on by … Do I read the eloquently… Read More

Local Housing Report: March 2015

The spring housing market got off to a fast start this year with a nice increase in home prices and number of homes sold. Home prices soared, up $13,000, on average compared to March of 2014. We also saw a nice rise in the number of homes sold, up nearly 20 percent in the local housing report of March 2015. Market activity has also been… Read More

3 Questions to Ask Your Agent Before You List Your Home

You are planning on selling your home soon, and you’ve picked the right agent. As the listing date approaches quickly, you are prepping, cleaning, and painting. There are so many things going on, but now is the time to dig deeper into the listing price of your home.  Depending on inventory, competition, and demand there are a lot of things that can effect that price…. Read More

How to Make The Down Payment on Your First Mortgage

If you have a plan to buy a home in the next three to five years, then you need to start saving for the down payment now. why you ask? Because it could take awhile.  What is taking so long? Americans are only saving around 5.6% a year according to The National Association of Realtors as they quote research by RealtyTrac. “It’ll take 12.5 years, on average, for first-time… Read More

How to Move With Children

It is not uncommon for kids or children to feel powerless when their parents inform them that they are moving. On top of that most parents give their children no input decisions about the move or things to come at the new location.  There are things you should do before, during, and after the move to make is easier for everyone. 1. Have a Family… Read More

5 important ‘salable’ factors of a real estate property

A home owner can make their home easier to sell by taking care of the property, updating things like plumbing, electric, perhaps the roof.  A good real estate agent also knows what is takes to help sell a property. The truth is though, what comprises a salable property depends on the buyers’ needs. It’s ultimately matching your property with a buyers needs that can make… Read More

Local Housing Report for February 2015

In February 2015 68 homes sold here in our local market with an average sales price of $93,518. This is about a $6,500 increase over the average sale price from last February. 10 fewer homes sold in February 2015 than did last February which I think is more of an indication of lower inventory than anything else. With the average sale price going up we… Read More

3 Wonderful Reasons to Love Ohio Real Estate

Ohio was hit hard in 2007 during the real estate collapse, and even to this day every homeowner has nightmares about it.  But then we did some research inside Ohio. And we have to be honest… The Ohio real estate picture isn’t that bad, and in fact it is growing.  While it is true Ohio home vaules have not climbed back to the previous  high…… Read More

Why Lima Ohio?

Have you been hearing a buzz about Lima, Ohio and Allen County? Well, you are not alone! While the unemployment rate isn’t the lowest in the area, it is below the state average and well below the national average. There are local organizations and businesses that are helping Lima grow along with improving the quality of life available! Below we have listed just a few… Read More