How to Make The Down Payment on Your First Mortgage

If you have a plan to buy a home in the next three to five years, then you need to start saving for the down payment now. why you ask? Because it could take awhile.  What is taking so long? Americans are only saving around 5.6% a year according to The National Association of Realtors as they quote research by RealtyTrac. “It’ll take 12.5 years, on average, for first-time… Read More

How to Move With Children

It is not uncommon for kids or children to feel powerless when their parents inform them that they are moving. On top of that most parents give their children no input decisions about the move or things to come at the new location.  There are things you should do before, during, and after the move to make is easier for everyone. 1. Have a Family… Read More

5 important ‘salable’ factors of a real estate property

A home owner can make their home easier to sell by taking care of the property, updating things like plumbing, electric, perhaps the roof.  A good real estate agent also knows what is takes to help sell a property. The truth is though, what comprises a salable property depends on the buyers’ needs. It’s ultimately matching your property with a buyers needs that can make… Read More

Local Housing Report for February 2015

In February 2015 68 homes sold here in our local market with an average sales price of $93,518. This is about a $6,500 increase over the average sale price from last February. 10 fewer homes sold in February 2015 than did last February which I think is more of an indication of lower inventory than anything else. With the average sale price going up we… Read More

3 Wonderful Reasons to Love Ohio Real Estate

Ohio was hit hard in 2007 during the real estate collapse, and even to this day every homeowner has nightmares about it.  But then we did some research inside Ohio. And we have to be honest… The Ohio real estate picture isn’t that bad, and in fact it is growing.  While it is true Ohio home vaules have not climbed back to the previous  high…… Read More

Why Lima Ohio?

Have you been hearing a buzz about Lima, Ohio and Allen County? Well, you are not alone! While the unemployment rate isn’t the lowest in the area, it is below the state average and well below the national average. There are local organizations and businesses that are helping Lima grow along with improving the quality of life available! Below we have listed just a few… Read More

5 Tips to Avoiding a Rental Scam

So since the housing collapse it is no secret that a single family’s or individuals with lower income have leaned toward renting versus buying.  As a renter, it is important for you to be just as savvy as a new home owner, and help yourself to avoid a rental scam.  We have lined up some of the best tips in the industry so you can stay… Read More

Is the Historical Lima Memorial Hall Worth Keeping?

The Lima Memorial Hall is a historic performing arts center and city hall on the edge of downtown Lima, Ohio, Designed by the architectural company of Dawson & McLaughlin and named for local military veterans, the Beaux-Arts building was built in 1908. A dominating aspect of its architecture is the massive marble staircase that rises from the foyer to a second-floor open balcony.  As a performing… Read More

Use Houzz to Remodel or Design Your Home

There are a lot of publications out there for remodeling your house, but there is new one that is taking the Internet by storm. is a collaborative platform for home remodeling and design, that is bringing homeowners and home professionals together in a uniquely visual community.  Here are just a few things you can do after signing up which is also FREE! 1. Ideabook: This is closely… Read More

4 Reasons to Buy Real Estate in 2015

2015 the year you achieve greatness? The year you break bad habits?  The year you get you promoted? Or How about the year you buy a house?  The mood is as high as Mt. Everest we roll into 2015, and the expectations have never been greater. The real estate industry has never looked better, even before the Great Recession, and it’s time you get back… Read More