Tips on cleaning your home after the holidays:
Author: spencer   December 20, 2019

The holidays come and go so quickly. We look forward to them everywhere but despise the work and preparation it takes to get ready for the big day. If you are like most individuals, you forget that there is work to be done after the holidays are over. There are messes and clutter everywhere, but after you take a day to rest, you should consider getting back to cleaning before you head back to work.

Tips on cleaning your home after the holidays:

  1. Remove the clutter
  2. Focus on the kitchen 
  3. Clean up your guest rooms
  4. Tuck away the holiday decorations

Remove the clutter

If you brought home gifts from your holiday parties, be sure that you get them put away. The one thing you want to remember, you want to consider purging your old things. With more stuff comes less room in your home. Consider donating your old clothes, toys, or electronics to someone in need so that you can make room for your new items. 

Focus on the kitchen

Don’t leave your dirty dishes stacked up and your pots and pans with leftover food sitting out. Consider sending food home with guests so that you don’t have a ton of leftover food smelling up your fridge. If you need extra help, consider asking your guests to help hand wash dishes before they leave. This will help cut down on your cleaning time! It’s a win-win for all. 

Clean up your guest’s rooms

If you had families from out of town staying at your home, you will have some extra work to accomplish. With dirty sheets, extra laundry, bathrooms, and bedrooms to clean you have your work cut out for you. Be sure to keep extra sheets and towels tucked away in a hall closet so that you don’t find yourself running out when you need them. 

Tuck away the holiday decorations

You don’t want to leave your holiday decorations up until the New Year. Start your new off fresh with a clean slate and home. Get your holiday decorations put away so that you can enjoy all that the New Year has to offer. Write your goals down and get going. It’ll all be back around before you know it. Also, if you want to have new holiday decorations be sure to check out the clearance sales at your local department stores. 

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