How to protect your house from a fire
Author: spencer   October 20, 2019

As the temperatures start dropping most of us start cranking up the heat. But, did you know that during this time of year is when most house fires occur? Did you also know that most house fires are preventable? Yes, it’s true. 

How to protect your house from a fire. 

  1. Know Christmas tree safety tips. 
  2. Watch your candles.
  3. Keep space heaters insight. 
  4. Keep an eye on your stove.

Know Christmas tree safety tips.

Trees are a staple in most homes during this time of year. It is important that you are using the appropriate decorations for the tree. If you are using old light bulbs that give off too much heat on a dry tree you may be more likely to experience a fire. Be sure that you are taking the proper precautions when the Christmas tree is out on display. You will also want to check your smoke alarms to be sure that they are in working order, that you know where your fire extinguisher is, and that you have an escape route in case a fire were to occur. You can never be too cautious, even with something as harmless as a tree. 

Watch your candles.

Candles are known for causing house fires and even deaths. It is important that if you are going to be burning candles in your home that you take the proper precautions. Don’t take the small flame too lightly. Be sure that you are keeping the open flame away from children, pets, curtains, and other household items that may come in contact with the flame. Also, never leave the candle(s) unattended. 

Keep space heaters insight. 

Depending on the size or age of your house, you may find it difficult to heat the whole place properly. If this sounds like you, you may want to invest in a space heater. If you do, be sure that you read the safety instructions. You will want to keep these items at least three feet away from anything flammable. Read your owner’s manual for more detailed safety instructions. 

Keep an eye on your stove.

If you are cooking on the stovetop, be sure that you don’t leave the kitchen. You will also want to keep oven mitts, dish towels, and other flammable objects away from the stove heat. Heat can travel and cause a fire if the conditions are right. 

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