Why springtime is a great time to sell your home
Author: RSRE   January 20, 2019

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and you are feeling good. Now, you are ready to finally put that “for sale” sign in your front yard. What better time to get your home ready to put on the market? A little spring cleaning, a call to your real estate agent, and you are good to go. If you are still unsure, we want to provide you with a few good reasons why there is no better time than spring to get your house on the market.

Why springtime is a great time to sell your home

  1. Buyers are everywhere.
  2. The weather is almost perfect.
  3. There will be more options for you when you sell your home.

Buyers are everywhere.

When the sun comes out, so do the buyers. Even though the winter is still a good time to buy and sell, most shy away from doing so. But, when springtime comes the buyers are out. Open houses are packed and “for sale” signs are in more yards. Why? Because people are more apt to move when it’s nice outside. People are also on the move more, whether that’s driving around and seeing “for sale” signs as they pass or walking through an open house over the weekend. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to buy or sell during this time of year.

The weather is almost perfect.

The sun stays out longer during this time of year, which in return gives buyers more time to shop. More daylight also means your “for sale” sign is visible for more hours in the day. You are more likely to get more foot traffic as people are out and about. Don’t forget to prepare your house and be ready at all times. You never know when a potential buyer will want to take a look!

There will be more options for you when you sell your home.

If you sell your home, you need somewhere to go. Selling your home during the spring season means there are more homes on the market. That means you have more options to choose from when it’s time for you to choose your new home.

If you are ready to put your home up for sale and schedule your first open house, be sure to contact us today! We are here to make your transition as seamless as possible. When you work with an experienced realtor you are getting assistance that will save you time and money in the long run.