5 things you shouldn’t leave around during your open house
Author: RSRE   February 10, 2018

Are you preparing your home for an open house? If so, that’s great. It’s an exciting time knowing that potential buyers are coming to your home and may possibly make an offer. There is a lot to do to prepare. After all, first impressions are what make or break a possible sale. But, there are others things you need to think about as well, like what you shouldn’t leave around when strangers are walking through your home. Even though you would like to think the world is full of good trustworthy people that isn’t always the case.

Here are 5 things you shouldn’t leave around during your open house:

  1. Medication and prescription drugs
  2. Mail and personal documents
  3. Your wifi password
  4. Jewelry, family heirlooms, and electronic gadgets
  5. Family photos

Medication and prescription drugs

Believe it or not, your medication and prescription drugs can be valuable items to someone who is visiting your home for an open house. Due to the drug epidemic, they can either be seen as a money-maker or may feed an addiction. If stolen, you may also have a hard time getting them refilled before the specific date set by your doctor or pharmacy. It is best that you put them in a safe or take them with you while you are away.

Mail and personal documents

Keep all documents that could make you a victim of identity theft out of site and locked-up. Things like: checks, credit cards, your social security number, and utility bills are all things that need to be put away to protect you and your personal information.

Your wifi password

With most wifi passwords listed on or around the router, it is important that you cover it up or remove it during your open house. With access to your home network, the right person could do a lot of damage to your network if they really wanted to.

Jewelry, family heirlooms, and electronic gadgets

Family heirlooms, jewelry, and electronic gadgets are invaluable items that usually cannot be replaced, and that is why they too must be locked away or removed from your house during an open house. Since your real estate agents cannot keep an eye on every move potential buyers make, especially if they have more than one guest during your open house it is your responsibility and duty to keep your valuables out of sight.

Family photos

No one needs to see your entire family when doing a walkthrough of your home as they should be imagining their own family living inside of your four walls. To protect the privacy and to better stage your home you should always remove any pictures or personal items that show who the individuals are that are living in your home.

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