Moving? It's time to purge!
Author: spencer   May 20, 2017

Are you getting ready to move for the first or tenth time? As you pack boxes from each room in your apartment or home you will start to realize how much “stuff” you have accumulated from over the years. Some of the things you find need to be thrown in the garbage, some may need to be donated, and some of it may actually make it to your new place. If you have a hard time letting your things go let us help you purge before the big move.

The realizations you may have while purging your things:


You have way too much stuff.

Whether you want to admit it or not you probably have collected too many things over the years. You will probably find old clothes you couldn’t part with, birthday cards, old dishes, unused paint, movies you never watch, and video games you never play. Our stuff can start to become overwhelming if we don’t take control of it and let it go. Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to things that you no longer need at your new home.

Sometimes it’s best to leave things in the past.

The place where you are living now probably holds a lot of memories for you, but you are moving on and into a new home. Moving into a new home is a great time to start fresh and enjoy the newness that it brings. Now is the time you will want to get rid of your baggage so that you can start anew.

Letting go is good for the soul.

Some of us have a harder time letting go than others. When you let go it may seem like you are letting go of part of your life, but letting go of “things” is really good for the soul. Leaving things behind that clutter your home is a great relief. You no longer have to find a place for things you no longer need or use. Let your home become a place of relaxation instead of frustration because of the lack of space. Believe it or not, the less stuff that you have the more space you will find.

Find what you really love.

Since you are taking the time to pack things away, you have the time to find the things that you really love. Whether it is family heirlooms, old pictures, awards, or important documents now is a great time to organize your stuff so that you can find it and use it later. When you keep the things you really love and need, you will find more time to enjoy them instead of losing them in the clutter.

Moving is a great time to purge your things! Finding someone who could really use what you can’t will make you feel better about the big move.

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