Author: Lonisa   April 11, 2016
Do you ever find yourself struggling to keep the house clean from day to day ? It can be hard to stay on top of cleaning your house when there are so many other daily things needing to be done.  Here are a few quick tips to save you time on cleaning.
Tip #1: Spend 5 minutes in each room: Knock out simple daily cleaning chores instead of letting them pile up all week. Do you really want to spend an entire day cleaning your house?
Tip #2: Start your day doing a load of laundry: Laundry is another thing that can suck up a lot of time.  Delaying it until the last minute will cost you even more time. If you have children, you can delegate this task to them!
 Tip #3: Clean the bathroom once a week: This is one of those areas of the house that can get disgusting very quickly. Taking the time to rinse and dry off the shower or bath area will help keep mold and stains away.
Tip #4: Leave your shoes at the front or back door. Maybe you grew up in the era or decade where the family had a shoe closet. It is time to bring those back! You’ll vacuum your house less if you have less dirt being tracked through due to shoes.
Two Bonus Tips!!!! 
Tip #5: No More Chores: Okay before you tell me I am crazy!!! Getting kids to do chores is like pulling teeth. I’ve seen some families call it something different like “bless this house”. It’s not really catchy, but it does eliminate the word chore. Give it a try, it might just work!
Tip #6: Have a lot of stuff? Try a garage sale, facebook garage sale group, or craigslist.  If you get rid of it you won’t have to clean it, store it, or ever worry about it again.
Nobody is saying your house is going to be spotless, but staying on top of cleaning will help you eliminate spending an entire day cleaning. These cleaning tips also might be helpful if you are going to put your property on the market soon. No one likes to show an unclean house, and it can be a major turn-off to potential buyers.