Author: Lonisa   December 1, 2014

Whether you’re an experienced cook or preparing to host your first holiday gathering, a little food safety advice can go a long way and ensure a safe, healthy and happy holiday dinner. These simple tips will help you prepare a safe meal and how to safely prepare any left overs you might have.


Two Times = Too Many

It’s true: 38 percent people admit to “double dipping” at holiday parties! (That means they dip a chip or vegetable into a bowl of dip or salsa, bite off half, and then dip again.) While this may be the season for sharing, when it comes to dipping, one time is enough!
Fa La-La-La Leftovers

For most of us, eating leftovers from a holiday meal is as traditional as the meal itself. And while some (60 percent) choose to eat their repeat feasts cold straight from the fridge, most of us either reheat foods in the microwave/oven (73 percent), or pack a “leftover lunch” to take to work or school (71 percent). How ever you decide to reinvent your holiday meal, take steps to help ensure it’s as safe as it is delicious: Always reheat leftover foods to an internal temperature of 165°F and make sure food is not left out of refrigeration for more than two hours. Pack perishable lunch foods in an insulated bag and throw in an ice pack to make sure foods stay properly chilled.
Festive Twist

A festive holiday drink may not be complete without a colorful garnish of lime or orange. But beware: One in four holiday hosts confess they don’t always wash fruit to remove harmful bacteria before adding it to your drink. In addition to washing ready-to eat fruits like pears and plums, it’s also important to wash fruits with skin you don’t eat such as limes, oranges and lemons to eliminate harmful bacteria that can spread during peeling or cutting.


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