Four Reasons Why Empty Houses No Longer Sell

Every morning on my Lima area social media feed, I see picture after picture of empty rooms posted by real estate professionals. So many empty dining rooms, breakfast rooms, kitchens, living and bedrooms. Do I stop and click on the photo, intrigued to have a look at the room, the house, the property? No, I just scroll on by … Do I read the eloquently… Read More

3 Questions to Ask Your Agent Before You List Your Home

You are planning on selling your home soon, and you’ve picked the right agent. As the listing date approaches quickly, you are prepping, cleaning, and painting. There are so many things going on, but now is the time to dig deeper into the listing price of your home.  Depending on inventory, competition, and demand there are a lot of things that can effect that price…. Read More

5 important ‘salable’ factors of a real estate property

A home owner can make their home easier to sell by taking care of the property, updating things like plumbing, electric, perhaps the roof.  A good real estate agent also knows what is takes to help sell a property. The truth is though, what comprises a salable property depends on the buyers’ needs. It’s ultimately matching your property with a buyers needs that can make… Read More

Selling Your House in the Winter

The winter months can take a big chunk out of the number of buyers actively looking in the market, but the serious ones will stick around. Also, the number of properties that you are competing against declines during the winter. Here are few things you can do to help make your home more attractive during the winter and interesting to potential buyers. Less Listings  These… Read More

Home Staging and Why it is Important

You have probably noticed when looking through real estate properties that the picture quality from property to property can change dramatically. That is usually from some sort of staging which has been done by the homeowner or selling agent. What is staging? Should you consider it for your residential property? Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real… Read More

Holiday Cooking Advice

Whether you’re an experienced cook or preparing to host your first holiday gathering, a little food safety advice can go a long way and ensure a safe, healthy and happy holiday dinner. These simple tips will help you prepare a safe meal and how to safely prepare any left overs you might have.   Two Times = Too Many It’s true: 38 percent people admit to… Read More