How to decorate your home for the holidays
Author: spencer   September 20, 2018

With the holidays approaching quickly, it’s time to start thinking about going back into storage and pull out all those holiday decorations. The holidays will be here before you know it and with gift shopping, baking and cooking, and life, in general, the last thing you want to think about is if your home is ready for guests to come over. So, are you in need for some inspiration and motivation to get everything hung up again? Well, you are just in luck because we have some refreshing ideas that will inspire you to give your decorations a face-lift or you can simply just keep the ones you have.

Here are some tips to keep your holiday decorations up after the day has passed:

  • Invest in décor that you can use for the entire winter season rather than just the holiday season.
  • Try to add natural elements like a real Christmas tree or pine cones, around the house to pull everything together and make it feel cozier. Plus it makes the house smell good.
  • Stick to a holiday color theme because this will make it easier to have colors and decorations flow all through the house rather than having a theme for each room.

Inexpensive ways of decorating your home for the holiday season:

  • Decorating the front door will greet your guests with a festive-looking front door décor look. Using little things like Christmas tree branches, wreaths, ornaments will make a nice warm welcome and inviting touch.
  • Adding decorations to your staircase is a must do. This is something that you can’t ignore because this is the perfect opportunity to add some festive cheer to your house. Simply just adding some lights or garland for a nice little touch.  
  • Use the windows to hang Christmas ornament decorations from. Ever run into wanting to use all the pretty ornaments on the tree but there isn’t any more room? Here’s a solution, just hang them from your curtains with a string and have varying colors, styles to add some holiday cheer.
  • Decorate the mantel with stocking, lights, garland or whatever you want to make this space look festive and feel warm and inviting. Anyone who has a fireplace can appreciate how much the mantle can be used for holiday decorations or simply displaying photos or any other décor.
  • Use your mailbox as a place where people can see you are in the holiday spirit. Create an inviting holiday mailbox by using extra or leftover decorations that you couldn’t use in the house.

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