Spice Up your Holiday Decor with these Easy Hacks
Author: spencer   December 20, 2016

Every year Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier, or maybe that’s just us. If you already have your Christmas shopping done, presents wrapped under the tree and cookies baking in the oven, you might not need these hacks because you clearly have it all together. But, if you are still rushing around with your list (or maybe you don’t have a list yet), you forgot to get a teacher’s present and you have no idea where your favorite cookie recipe is, then these holiday decor hacks are for you!


  • Deck the Windows, the Chandelier, and the Halls


You can use ornaments that you have not used in a while, new ornaments or ornaments that just do not fit on your tree, use a bit of ribbon or string and hang them from a light fixture to bring the festivities to the dining room or entry way. You can hang them in the windows to match the decor in the room. You can also use candy canes with some red ribbon to bring some color to your kitchen window, or even unused cookie cutters and a garland to cover up the tacks or tape. Use your imagination and in a few minutes, you will have a unique and easy display.


  • Christmas Countdown


If you have a cute little Christmas countdown with blocks and have lost one, or cannot find the magnet for the countdown calendar, you can put a new one together in just a few minutes! Use a large charger plate that you can even get at a dollar store and paint the inside of the charger up to the curve with chalkboard paint. Make a big pretty bow to match the colors of the room and secure it to the plate by making a hole in the plate either by a drill or hammer and nail. Use floral wire to attach the bow to the plate and tape down in the back (where no one will see it). You can write Season’s Greetings on the front, use it as a Holiday Message board with your family or use a white paint marker to write “days until Christmas” and use the chalk to change the number of days as they countdown. You can prop it on a plate stand to display throughout the season.

Click for step-by-step instructions! 


  • Super Simple Bulb Wreath


You will need a wire hanger (sorry Mommy Dearest) and about 80 ornaments (that you can get from the dollar store), pliers and a glue gun, 6-9 ft. of thick wired ribbon with the same print on both sides for the bow.  

  • Bend the wire into a circle and untwist the wire at the top that connects the ends just below the hanger part.
  • String the ornaments on one by one and push together as close as you can so the wire doesn’t show through. You might have to arrange them a bit to find the best angle and keep ‘stringing’ them around. The glue gun is to secure any ornaments that drop off their hook, just stick it back on with a little glue. If you are concerned, you can glue each one on and then glue the ornaments together as you go.
  • Once all of the ornaments are back on, use the pliers to twist the hanger back together so you still have the hanger part. Use your ribbon to hide the hanger hook by wrapping it around the hook a few times.
  • Use the rest of the ribbon to make your bow as big as you would like in the style you would like, secure it in place with some wire and hot glue onto the hanger.

Click for step-by-step instructions!


  • Super easy glass centerpiece or focal point


If you have a glass jar, a glass fruit bowl, candy dish, large glass vase, really anything that could be a container for poinsettia leaves, beaded garland, ribbon, scented pine cones, candy canes or peppermint candies, it’s an instant (almost) decoration. You can use really anything glass and use large or small items to show your holiday spirit and charm in just a few minutes flat! This becomes a great centerpiece or addition to your mantle, or even kitchen counter or island.


  • Winter Fishbowls


This is another that can be adapted to what you have available. You can purchase 3 different sized fish bowls from the dollar store along with Epsom salt, a few holiday figurines, scarf and a hat. You can even use a jar available, turn a single fishbowl on its side, create a scene on a plate and turn the bowl over to encapsulate your wintery scene. You are only limited by your imagination and the age of the children that may be touching (or toppling) it. You may have figurines in your Christmas decorations, you might have a scarf and a top hat, or some other wintery items to create a scene. Epsom salt makes a great snow platform for your scene and the whole thing can be done in just a few minutes.

This is the time of year to let our imaginations go a little wild, put lights and color around our homes in a way we would only do this time of year and see the wonder in the eyes of the young at heart when they see our unique and wonderful holiday decorations.


Here a few videos of Christmas crafts that we love!

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