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If you want to make a move to a new state, preparing ahead of time can make the difference between a terrific transition and a terrible one. The cost of living can differ significantly between states and even between areas within the same state. Plan for your big move using these tips from Ron Spencer Real Estate to help you prepare for what’s ahead.


  1. Understand the Costs


The process of moving can be quite expensive, notes Bob Vila. Packing materials, movers, fuel for trips, and more can all add up and need to be accounted for in your budget, not to mention the time and energy that go into it and the money you may lose if you have to take off work to manage the move. Your new state will also have expenses that are different from those in your area. Bankrate explains that the cost of living includes how much you’ll pay for groceries, housing, school, and more.


  1. Make Your Next Career Move


Finding a position in a new city can be a challenge, but online job marketplaces such as Indeed make it easier than ever to find opportunities that suit your needs. Filter out jobs that don’t meet your salary and location requirements so that you can focus on giving outstanding virtual interviews with the companies that do. 


Consider starting a business of your own if you can’t find a position that’s right for you. While every state has different laws regarding establishing a business, the steps required to launch a company follow a similar pattern regardless of location.


Writing a business plan is a smart first step as it allows you to plan in advance the details of how you will fund, run and market your business. A quality business plan is also essential for entrepreneurs seeking funding from traditional banks, investors, and grants. If you get a little overwhelmed during this process, know that there’s help available. 


For instance, one of the first things you’ll need to decide is which business structure is right for you. A limited liability company is a popular option because of its tax benefits and legal protections. However, each state has different regulations, so to help you with how to start an LLC in Ohio, reach out to an online formation service that already knows these regulations and can get you set up in minutes.


  1. Find a Doctor You Can Trust


When searching for a new doctor, keep in mind that the rise of telemedicine has made it easier for people to access medical care from the comfort of their homes. Online doctors offer a convenient way to receive treatment for minor ailments, and they can also be a valuable resource for patients with chronic conditions. This is especially useful for people with busy schedules or living in rural areas. In addition, online doctors can often offer lower prices than traditional doctors, making them a more affordable option for many patients. 


Finally, online doctors can help to reduce wait times for appointments, allowing patients to get the care they need in a timely manner.


  1. Purchase Your New Home


Buying a home in a new state is very similar to buying one down the road. To get approved for a mortgage, you’ll need certain documentation to apply. Your credit score, employment history, and bank statements will all be used to determine how much you qualify for. Prior to applying, clean up your credit profile by ensuring there are no mistakes on your credit report and strategically paying down debt that can help with your debt-to-income ratio, which partially dictates how much mortgage you’re eligible for.


You may be unable to find your ideal home by the time you need to move. But you can expedite the process by researching your destination’s housing market. Knowing what properties are available, what homes are going for, and how long listings stay active. For example, in Findlay, homes typically sell within around 82 days after being listed, and the median home price is around $192,000.


Once you’ve found and bought your new home, be sure to work with one of several landscaping companies in your area to help maintain your yard. You’ll likely have a lot on your plate right after a move, so hiring landscapers to care for your lawn and garden can help you manage your time better. Be sure to compare reviews online to find the right service for you.


Don’t be afraid to take that leap to a new home and job in a new state. Learn about the costs in your new location, start searching for a new job, learn what it takes to start an LLC, find a doctor, and purchase your new home.


Written by: Suzie Wilson 


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