3 reasons why you should sell your home this winter
Author: spencer   October 20, 2018

Are you debating whether or not to sell your home this winter? There are plenty of reasons to ignore the possibility of moving during the winter months, but it also may work in your favor. Yes, it may be chilly but selling your home is about timing and winter may be the right time.

3 reasons why you should sell your home this winter

  1. Low inventory
  2. You are able to show off your home in the winter
  3. The serious buyers are out

Low inventory

If you are looking to sell your home quickly, it is important to remember that winter is a great time to sell. Buyers will have fewer options to choose from and if they are needing to move quickly due to a job relocation or expansion of family they are not going to wait long to sign on the dotted line.

You are able to show off your home in the winter

Moving during the cold winter months is not ideal, but it can be done. Buyers want to get a good look at what their home will look and feel like before purchasing and winter is a crucial time for that. Buyers want a place to feel safe and warm during the snow and ice season and walking into a warm toasty home with proper insulation and new windows that don’t let the cold in will give buyers a good feeling.

The serious buyers are out

If someone is working with a real estate agent during the winter, you know they are serious. They are wanting to move ASAP and they don’t necessarily care about the winter weather. These buyers also don’t want to take a chance on the weather warming up in the spring because they might lose the house. It’s important to know that even if there are less active buyers, the buyers that you have looking at your house are often more serious and ready to move.

If you are ready to put your home up for sale and schedule your first open house, be sure to contact us today! We are here to make your transitions as seamless as possible. When you work with an experienced realtor you are getting assistance that will save you time and money in the long run.