Author: Lonisa   January 21, 2016

The housing market is becoming flooded with millennials looking to buy their first home. While many people, no matter their age, probably look for some of the same things in a new home, there are some things that the younger generation specifically look for. If you’re looking to sell your home you can be sure to appeal to the millennials with any of the following details.

1. Location


Location is something that is important for anyone looking to buy a new home. Location can mean the neighborhood in which the home is located. Is it a nice area? How are the neighbors? Location can also mean how close the home is to your place of employment, to a grocery store or other shopping centers, or to a school. You want to be sure that your home has close access to these things, but you also want to make sure that your home isn’t in a really noisy or traffic-heavy area.


2. Size 

When it comes to the size of a home, millennials tend to look for big kitchens, open floor plans, and a home with enough space for a home office. Although these items are important, millennials also want to make sure they aren’t buying a home that’s too big for them to handle; a home that will lead to higher bills and taxes.

3. Home Details

The smallest details matter when someone is looking for a new home. Millennials are going to want to have the latest and most up-to-date trends in their potential new home. They will look for small details like hardwood floors and granite counter tops. These details are in style and give the home a classier and more elegant look.

4. Updates

Millennials tend to look for younger homes or homes that have recently been updated. This especially rings true when it comes to updated kitchens and baths. If these areas have already been updated, the home buyers won’t have to worry about doing it themselves and having to pay for it. The younger generations will be on a limited budget so they won’t have the kind of money that one would need to update a kitchen or a bath. It can get pretty expensive!

5. Low Maintenance


In some ways, the younger generations have become somewhat lazier when it comes to what they want or are willing to do with their home. Most of them look for details like hardwood floors and granite counter tops because these things need little maintenance. The millennials would rather replace things in their home than fix them. Which again, is why they look for younger or updated homes so they don’t have to deal with the repairs or renovations.

6. Technology

As you probably know, technology has become extremely important in today’s society, especially with the millennials. Technology is something that, a couple of years ago, people probably didn’t even consider when looking for a new home. Now, technology is one of the major concerns for the younger generations when they are looking for a new home. They want to know about the cell phone and internet service, more so than cable and telephone. Millennials need to know that they will be able to get strong internet and cell phone signals in their home.

7. Energy Efficiency

Looking for a home that is energy efficient isn’t really a quality of only millennials; this applies to mostly anyone looking for a new home. Buyers are going to look for homes that are green because today the energy costs are high and the concern for our environment has grown. They will look for insulation levels, seasonal energy efficiency ratios and other energy efficiency factors. While energy efficiency may not be the top quality that buyers look for in a new home it is definitely important.


If your home has any or all of these qualities you may want to find a way to reach the younger generations when selling your home. Millennials will be attracted to your home and will be willing to pay the price if your home has everything that they are looking for and more.