Author: Lonisa   August 19, 2015

If you are a smart consumer, which we are guessing you are. Then you have probably heard of getting a home inspection.  Its like going the extra mile in the research phase before making any major home purchase.

So why do home inspections matter and are they worth the cost?

Reason #1 

Home inspections matter because they have the ability to uncover any secrets of the property that you haven’t discovered. Another main point of an inspection while it is never mandatory is to protect you, but even protect the seller. The inspector is a professional, independent, and has an unbiased conclusion about property and doesn’t care whether you buy the property or not. In some cases perhaps the seller never had an inspection done when they initially bought the property. The inspection will take away the smoke and mirrors of the property.

Reason #2 

On average a home inspection for 2,500 sq. ft. house can cost $300 – $500. It really comes down to the size of the home. Here is what is really important though, don’t pick an inspector based on price. Research an inspector’s work and background before choosing one. An inspection should take a good 3 hours at least if the inspector is doing a thorough job. It may save you thousands of dollars to pay a little bit more for an experienced inspector who really knows what he/she is doing vs. hiring the least expensive inspector who just started inspecting homes a few weeks ago and has little or no training/experience.


The Bottom Line: 

A home inspection is a vital piece to knowing everything about a property, and that it is not just about the price of the inspection.  Looking for well a trained and experienced inspector is must.  If you don’t you might as well not even get one. If you have time check why you shouldn’t buy real estate in the dark.  It will help you uncover initial flaws or things to look for when you look at a potential home.


What are some experiences you have had with a home inspection, good or bad?