Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks
Author: RSRE   February 10, 2020

Spring has sprung, so you know what that means. Spring Cleaning! Spring cleaning can be so beneficial for so many different reasons. Not only can you get your home into tip-top shape, but it can help promote wellness by keeping your environment clean and organized. Here are some awesome spring cleaning tips to declutter and deep clean your home.

Spring cleaning tips and tricks

  • Make a schedule
  • Don’t forget about your walls and windows
  • Remember to clean your air too
  • Make sure you look up
  • Don’t rely on harsh chemicals and cleaners.

Make a schedule

In order to get a true, deep spring clean, it can take a lot of time. In order to make everything easier, it’s important to start with a plan. What areas in your home need the most love and attention? What areas often get overlooked during normal cleaning? It can be easier, and actually more motivating if you get the most difficult area out of the way first. This can give you the boost and momentum you need to conquer the rest. Another tip is to break up everything into small, more manageable tasks. This can help prevent you from becoming too overwhelmed. 

Don’t forget about your walls and windows

Two of the most overlooked areas of a house when cleaning are the walls and the windows. People also clean their floors but forget the rest. Cleaning your walls can be as easy as getting a damp cloth and wiping them down from top to bottom. Don’t forget to remove and wipe down the window screens outside as well. When it comes to the actual window try to avoid using harsh chemicals.

Remember to clean your air too

Although deep cleaning your material items is extremely important, you can’t forget about keeping the air you breathe clean too. Springtime is a great time to replace your furnace and HVAC filter. It is also recommended to use a more robust filter with a high MERV rating that can help provide your home with healthier air. You A/C ducts build up dust during the winter months so replacing your filter is a cheap and easier way to make your home cleaner. Another tip is purchasing an air purifier. This can really help out anyone in your home suffering from allergies.

Make sure you look up

This one might sound a little silly, but it is so important. It is so important to start at the top and work your way down. It can be so frustrating when you’re all done cleaning and taking in your clean house only to look up at your dust-covered ceiling fan. Sadly, it only gets more frustrating from them. When you go to wipe off the dust, it all falls, covering your recently swept carpet and clean coffee table. Make sure to check the tops of your bookshelves, crown molding, and other high places before you tackle the objects at eye level. 

Don’t rely on harsh chemicals and cleaners.

Why not help the planet while you help out your house? So many cleaner and chemicals are full of harsh toxins that can worsen allergies and asthma. You can try purchasing more natural, eco-friendly products or even attempt to DIY some of your own. Although reaching for the bleach to clean your bathroom might feel natural, it’s not necessary. A 50-50 ratio of water and vinegar is a great alternative to help keep most surfaces clean and germ-free. You can also try homemade alternatives to air fresheners such as potpourri or essential oils mixed with water.