Author: Lonisa   December 17, 2014

Snow is falling, the pantry closest is full of non-perishables foods, and your snuggled into the couch next to the fireplace.  You have pretty much decided not to leave the house until spring shows up, however you are not sure how to explain that your boss on Monday.

With all that free time though, you start fantasizing about buying a new house, and we’ve all heard rumors about how buyer’s can prevail during the winter months. Are those rumor’s strong enough to pull you off that couch?

Spring and summer are the most active real estate months…BUT

The reasons for this are actually pretty practical: Pleasant weather has the flowers blooming, people venture out after suffering from months of cabin fever.  moreover though, a property just looks so much more appealing during that time of year.  Summer is also ideal for any family with kids because of summer break, and there is no hassle or mess because of snow during the summer.

During the winter, a buyer’s market generally prevails

We’ve established that many sellers pick spring or summer, but there those who cannot wait for those months to get   The fewer number of home sellers and the deadlines that these home sellers face can work to the home buyer’s advantage. However on the other hand it does limit your choices. That is okay though, because now you can really focus on the small number homes that fit your needs.

The lack of buyers can also pressure the buyer into making deals that you would not see in the spring or summer.  Don’t be afraid to offer a lower ( Don’t insult a seller ) but offer some lower than they are asking.  The lack of potential buyers also gives you more time to make y our decision. Whereas during the prime real estate season, you would worry about another buyer snatching a house away from you, during the winter you usually don’t have to think about such competition.

Other advantages of buying a home in the winter

Looking to buy a home during the winter can gain you some seasonal prospective about the property.  Do you feel cold while going through the house?  Is there a functioning heat system?  Are there drafts coming through the window? Those are all important questions, which will save you money by avoiding houses that don’t fit your critieria.  Other benefits can be having a professional agent spend even more time helping you find a home. Lenders can also waive or offer incentives to using their services.


Take the first step in finding your winter wonderland with our free buyers guide download.  If you need further assistance, you can also speak directly to an agent!