Open House Tips for the Spring
Author: spencer   March 10, 2020

Spring is here! The days are lasting longer but your house can be taken off the market sooner. Open houses are a great way to showcase your home and increase your chance of finding a serious, potential buyer. Why not take an adventure of springtime and the sunshine to get your home sold even quicker!

Here are some tips on how to use Spring and take advantage of open houses!

Open House Tips for the Spring

  • Take advantage of spring cleaning
  • Embrace the outdoors
  • Use up that natural light
  • Repaint and renew those walls

Take advantage of spring cleaning

Spring cleaning gives you the chance to dazzle visitors with a sparkly, fresh, and decluttered home. Spring cleaning is beneficial for so many different reasons, and if you’re trying to sell your home, making it more appealing is one of them. Tackle those floors, walls, windows, and everything else in between to make your home shine. Potential buyers love walking into a clean home that allows them to envision themselves living there. If you’re spring cleaning with the intention of selling, it’s important to incorporate staging your home as well. Get rid of unneeded clutter and even depersonalize the space a little to give potential buyers that brand new look. 

Embrace the outdoors

Springtime means flowers blooming and plants growing. Take advantage of this when selling your home and showcase your outdoor gardens and backyard space. Clean up the leaves and debris that was left behind and covered with the snow. Add some fresh mulch to your garden beds and plant fresh, bright flowers to catch buyers’ attention. Your front yard so get a lot of your focus when doing this. First impressions are key, and your curb appeal is the first thing potential buyers will get a glimpse of. Take full advantage of the nice weather, and start out on the right foot immediately. 

Use up that natural light

The days have gotten longer and that means the sun is shining more. Use that natural light to your advantage all throughout your home. Sunlight, and light in general, helps open up your rooms and makes them appear larger. Pull back your curtains, open up your blinds, and let that beautiful sunshine do the work. Of course, you’ll have some rooms that do benefit from that sun as much, but no need to worry, add some strategically placed mirrors to let that sunshine bounce around. A light and bright home might be exactly what you need to make your open houses successful. 

Repaint and renew those walls

Springtime is all about freshening up and starting new. Why not start with some fresh coats of paint around your home. Something as simple as new paint can make your home feel brighter and cleaner. You can cover up any nicks and scuffs and make your home feel brand new again. Studies show that grey-blue in your kitchen and light blues in bathrooms can make your home sell faster and for more money. 

Take advantage of the spring weather. Brightening up your open house with some of these tips will help you attract more visitors and generate some potential leads to get your home sold faster!