How to make the most of your space you need when entertaining
Author: spencer   November 10, 2018

We all know how space can be very critical when it comes to entertaining. Do you feel like most of your guests like to congregate around the kitchen island because of this being the location of food/drinks? Does it feel like everyone is just all crammed? Well, it’s never too late to add or extend an island to make your kitchen the season’s perfect gathering place, especially with the holidays coming up quickly. Here are a few different styles of kitchen islands you can create to spice up your entertaining area:

  1. Long rustic table–the perfect party spreads and also a good size for a dinner with your family
  2. Portable kitchen island on wheels–versatility will keep the space for gathering able to be rolled around to where ever you need the table to go
  3. An island that serves as storage and a sitting area– by adding drawers around the island will serve as a place to hide unwanted things off your counter space without your guests even knowing!

So, what are some things that will help you to maximize your space as much as possible? Make use of maximizing outdoor spaces in your backyard area by trying these tips:

  1. Pop of color in chairs–your outdoor chairs or even indoor chairs can provide a small but bold change in your sitting area. Use decorative pillows for the season or holiday coming up to add a fun twist.
  2. Fireplace–having a fireplace and mantel offers a focal point in the entertaining space. This can offer as a sitting area and the perfect spot to cozy up next to get some warmth and relax. Dress up this area with a theme or holiday spirit!
  3. Add a bar–having a portable bar and adding some decorative lights around it is another great addition to your outdoor entertaining space. An addition to the bar, creating an outdoor patio area for an additional sitting area will give your guests a place to sit.
  4. Ways to spice up a pool area–nothing beats spending time around your pool with family and friends. Adding some lights that way the party can continue after the sun goes down as well as the lighting will improve safety around the pool, additional seats/ sitting areas create a comfortable place for your guests to spend time in the pool area, outdoor seating area is a great way to make your pool area a living space that everyone can enjoy, water features such as fountains can add an aesthetic interest to this area, and lastly privacy screens will enhance your outdoor entertaining space.

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