How to Keep your Home Clean with Pets
Author: spencer   March 20, 2020

Every homeowner that is also a pet owner knows to avoid black pants and what couches to not sit on. However, it doesn’t have to be this way and you can find ways to keep your home clean while still giving so much love to your dogs and cats. There are so many ways to stay on top of the unavoidable mess that comes with pets. So here are some easy ways to keep your home clean.

How to Keep your Home Clean with Pets

  • Use an automatic vacuum
  • Keep plenty of lint rollers on hand
  • Cover your furniture
  • Choose the right materials
  • Get control of the clutter

Use an automatic vacuum

When you own pets, it feels like right after you get on vacuuming your carpet, it’s time to turn around and do it again. Dogs love to roll around in the yard and drag in dirt, leaves, and whatever else they find out there. So vacuuming the house is a constant. An automatic vacuum cleaner can help tremendously with this. Most automatic vacuums can be set up on a schedule and run whenever you want them too. Although you might have to run your vacuum every so often for a deep clean, an automatic vacuum can cut down on this!

Keep plenty of lint rollers on hand

Dog hair being everywhere is a staple for dog owners. Lint rollers are a great, and quick, way to pick up that extra dog hair that gets left behind on couches, seats, and even your own pants. They are so important when you need to do some last-minute cleaning before guests arrive.

Cover your furniture

Covering your furniture is an easy way to keep your couches looking brand new. You don’t need to cover every piece of furniture, but only the ones where your dog has claimed as their own. Using fitted sheets is a cheap and easy option to do this. They can be thrown in the wash to clean and you can keep extra on hand to replace dirty ones.

Choose the right materials

Choosing the right materials in your home is important when owning pets. This can include furniture material and even what flooring you use. Leather and microfiber are great materials for couches as they are easily wiped down. Outdoor rugs can also be used indoors as they are more durable and get snagged and torn less easily. You can also consider hardwood floors and tile instead of carpet for easier clean-up and less odor. 

Get control of the clutter

If you own a pet, you probably have toys strung out all over your house. You can start by getting rid of worn-out toys and ones that your dog doesn’t use to cut down on the clutter. Once you’ve narrowed it down to the toys you are keeping, buy some bins (or DIY your own) and corral the toys in a location in your home. 

Not only is cleaning your home important to control the mess caused by your pets but keeping your furry animals clean is too! Give your animals regular baths, trim their nails, and clean their paws off before they come inside (especially if it’s muddy outside). Doing some of these things can help take away the stress of muddy paws and dirty furniture and give you more time to love on your animals.