how to have a fun summer house party
Author: spencer   June 20, 2020

With more people staying home this summer and canceling their vacations, it is important to still find some time to relax and have fun. You can find some local things to do such as: going to the park, playing in the pool, or summer sports, but if you really want to take it to the next level having a summer house party is the way to go (and it’s not the kind you had in college). 

5 ways to have a fun summer house party:

  1. Keep the bugs away
  2. Have a bonfire 
  3. Create some fun games
  4. Don’t forget the food
  5. Decorate 

Keep the bugs away 

First and foremost, no one wants bugs at the party. They put a real damper on things. Did you know that outdoor fans can help keep the pests away? It’s true! Bugs hate the wind and if you can place them around the food and tables you will keep your guest’s bug-free without having to put on or provide any bug spray. Lighting candles at the table can also help with bugs and add some cool lighting for decoration as well. 

Have a bonfire

Who doesn’t like to sit around a warm fire and roast marshmallows for smores? Sitting around a fire is more than just eating, but it’s a great time to have a conversation or play a game. Always be sure to practice good fire safety, especially if little kids are around. 

Create some fun games

A house party isn’t a party without party games… right? You can play games like cornhole, volleyball, cards, create a scavenger hunt, have a ringtoss, or create some fun icebreaker questions. 

Don’t forget the food

No one wants to come to a party without food! Don’t carry the sole responsibility of providing all of the food. Have your guests bring their favorite side dish, dessert, or drink to share. This will help provide a variety of things to eat, especially if some guests have specific food allergies. You can always order pizza and have everyone pitch in for the main dish too. There are a wide variety of options available and you can always grill out if the party isn’t too big. 


Will your summer party have a theme? Pick some party colors and a theme to help plan what everyone should wear. If you are having a Hawaiian luau then having your guests dress accordingly can add some spice to the event. 

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