How to cool your house without a/c
Author: spencer   July 10, 2020

We all know that Summer can be a hot one and with rising temperatures comes rising electric bills. We’ve all been there. We are shocked when those bills come and wonder how they got so high, but there are things you can do now to help those bills go down as summer progresses. 

How to cool your house without a/c:

  1. Close the curtains
  2. Open your windows
  3. Turn on the fans
  4. Plant some trees

Close the curtains

Did you know that the sun coming in through your windows (though letting natural light in) brings in a lot of heat? It’s true. You may want to consider installing shutters, that way you are able to control how much light comes in and when. Closing the curtains will help cool down your house especially if you have the special sun blocking curtains – which will help keep your house cool. 

Open your windows

There’s nothing like fresh air, especially on a hot day. Cool air from the outside will help keep the inside of your home cool as well. Opening your windows costs you nothing as long as it’s colder inside than outside. The last thing you want to do is make your house warmer which in turn makes your ac unit work harder. 

Turn on the fans

Did you know that running fans, although using electricity, they use less electricity than running your ac unit? You can run to your local retail store to pick up some box fans or you can consider installing some ceiling fans that will help best circulate the air from the highest points in your home. Doing so will cost you a bit of money upfront but the savings will be worth it long term. 

Plant some trees

Having some shade near your windows can help keep the shine from shining through helping to keep the heat out. You can also plant trees near your patio to help give you a cool oasis when you need a place to relax outside of your home. 

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