How to get acquainted with your new neighborhood
Author: spencer   December 20, 2017

Have you just moved into your new home? Congratulations! There are a lot of things you probably need to do, including unpack, clean, paint, etc. There may be one thing you have forgotten to do, and that’s get acquainted with your new neighborhood and meet your neighbors! Introductions can be awkward, but they are necessary in order to make your new residence feel like home.

Tips to help you get acquainted with your new neighborhood:

  1. Have an open house or housewarming party.
  2. Go on a walk.
  3. Find a local club.
  4. Check out your local chamber of commerce.

Have an open house or housewarming party.

What’s the easiest way to introduce yourself to neighbors? Have an open house on a Sunday afternoon. Take some time to put together a letter or flier, then drop it off to your neighbors. This is a great way for everyone in the neighborhood to meet.

Go on a walk.

Do you have a dog? Grab the leash and go outside. Walking around the neighborhood is a great way to meet new people (and say hello to old friends). When walking a dog, there is no pressure to stop and have long conversations. If you don’t love small talk, walking a dog is a great way to say hi, introduce yourself, and keep moving.

Find a local club.

Do you have a hobby or extracurricular activity that you enjoy? There is more than likely a club for it. If you love running, swimming or playing basketball, be sure to check out your local park, gym or YMCA to find like-minded people. Or if you love painting, there are usually local paint and sips that you can check out. There are tons of options and places to go depending on your interests, so be sure to take advantage of local activities.

Check out your local chamber of commerce.

If you still need help finding activities and ways to network in your new city, be sure to stop by your local chamber of commerce to see what’s happening in your community. Your local chamber of commerce will be able to help you network as a business owner, volunteer, or professional. You’ll also find updates on local events.

Now that you know how to get acquainted with your neighborhood, it’s time to throw a little party and make some new friends!

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