Food Safety Summer tips
Author: RSRE   May 10, 2021

In the summer, we spend a lot of time outside, cooking and eating. In order to keep food safe for friends and family, there are some things that you can do to make sure they have a healthy summer.  

This blog post will go over some simple tips on how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from getting sick this summer! 

Food Safety Summer tips:

  1. Keep your refrigerator at a temperature of 39 degrees Fahrenheit or cooler
  2. Separate raw meat from other foods in the fridge to avoid cross-contamination
  3. Use one cutting board for produce and one for raw meats 
  4. Cook food thoroughly to kill harmful bacteria – use a food thermometer if necessary
  5. Chill leftovers promptly within 2 hours; refrigerate them within 4 hours of cooking time; discard any perishable food that has been out more than 2 hours (except cooked rice)

With the season comes a lot of food and fun in the sun. But it also means that we need to be extra careful with our food safety practices.  Here are two bonus tips for keeping your summer picnic or BBQ safe: 


1) Keep perishable foods cold until you’re ready to eat them, even if this means using an ice pack and a cooler. 

2) Be sure to wash your hands before cooking, after handling raw meat, when changing tasks, after using the bathroom or touching pets’ water bowls and when you’ve been outside playing with your kids (even though they may not have touched anything). 

The key is to be aware of how the food will be handled and cooked. It’s important that you take proper safety precautions so your cookout goes off without a hitch with everyone safe and sound. Just remember these tips before getting started, then you’ll have nothing to worry about! 

We hope this blog post has given you the information needed for cooking up an amazing feast with minimal risk of foodborne illness. Safe eating! 

And don’t forget to invite us over – we can’t wait for some delicious summer grilling recipes!

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