What to expect if you are ready to buy a home
Author: spencer   April 20, 2017

If you’ve been through the process or have just started looking for a home, you know that it is not an easy decision. With hundreds of homes in different locations available in your area, it can be a little difficult deciding on what exactly you want. Due to the importance of the decision that you are about to make, we want you to know that buying a home takes time, so don’t get discouraged. In order to help ease your mind during the buying process, we want to give you a breakdown of what to expect until you find the home of your dreams!

What to expect if you are ready to buy a home:

  1. Find a real estate agent.
  2. Get approved for a mortgage.
  3. Schedule multiple showings.
  4. Make an offer.
  5. Schedule a home inspection.
  6. It’s time to close!

Find a real estate agent.

In order to find the best real estate agent for you, it has to be the right fit and someone that you trust. Your real estate agent is going to be looking for possible properties, speaking to the seller on your behalf, and negotiating on your behalf. The home-buying process can take some time so be sure to pick someone who you are comfortable speaking with for months until you make a final decision.

Get approved for a mortgage.

Before you get too serious and find a house that may be out of your budget it is important that you get approved for a mortgage. Check a few different banks in the area to make sure you are getting the best possible interest rate before selecting a lender.

Schedule multiple showings.

On average an open house or showing of a home takes around 30 minutes, but it’s really up to you. If you are interested in a home it may take longer as you will be inspecting the home up and down before moving on. Be sure to look at multiple homes to ensure that you are making the right decision before putting in an offer.

Make an offer.

Did you find the home of your dreams? It’s time to make an offer! It can take up to three days for the buyer to accept or decline your offer so don’t get too impatient. If you are making an offer on a foreclosure or bank owned home it can take longer to hear back from the bank.

Schedule a home inspection.

Before closing, you should schedule the home inspection. This is a great time for you as the buyer to ask questions and really investigate your new home before signing the papers. It can take two to three days to see the home inspection report.

The home appraisal will be set up by the bank in order to know the home’s value. Once the appraisal is done your bank will receive the reporting within two weeks.

It’s time to close!

Congratulations! It’s time to close on your new home, but be prepared the closing takes some time. Depending on the stipulations from the seller in the contract it can take up to 50 days to take possession of your new home.

If you are ready to start looking for the home of your dreams, contact us today!