Don't forget to clean these 5 things
Author: spencer   February 20, 2019

Does cleaning ever end? The answer is no. But, while you are putting stuff on your to-do list we want to help remind you of a few places that tend to get overlooked.

Don’t forget to clean these 5 things:

  1. Clean your vacuum
  2. The kitchen appliances
  3. Trash cans
  4. Light fixtures, door handles, and knobs
  5. Underneath and sides of tables

Clean your vacuum

What help will your vacuum cleaner do you if it is already full of dust and dirt? That is why before you start cleaning you should inspect your vacuum cleaner for things that may slow down your cleaning process. Be sure to empty your canister, bag, and change the filter if it applies to your specific vacuum. Then give your vacuum a good wipe down and you’ll be good to go.

The kitchen appliances

Do you wipe down your kitchen appliances often? If not, be sure to take the time to wipe them down thoroughly. Also, be sure to get in those nooks and crannies of your stove where food and grease reside.

Trash cans

What’s dirty about your trash cans? Everything. It’s where you throw your trash and it’s full of germs inside and outside. You may find crumbs and other particles at the bottom of the can that needs to be emptied out. Trash cans also carry odors. It is important to take a disinfectant wipe and wipe it down thoroughly to get rid of smells and germs.

Light fixtures, door handles, and knobs

Think about the places you touch the most in your home. Got it? The light fixtures, door handles, and knobs in the bathroom and kitchen get touched the most and possibly carry the most germs. Don’t let germs make a home in your home. Take the time once a week to get them all wiped down.

Underneath and sides of tables

What’s underneath your table? The world may never know. We often forget to clean underneath and the sides of these services because we are too worried about the part that everyone sees. Don’t forget the germs and dirt that reside everywhere on these items.

Now, that you know about the five items that most forget to clean, you are prepared to rid your home of germs. These are also good items to hit before an open house or private showing. Remember, your home makes an impression (good or bad) to each individual that looks at it. Make it a good one.