Why buying a house is a commitment
Author: spencer   February 20, 2018

Do you view buying a house as a commitment? Whether you are buying your first home or have rented previously you may find yourself a little scared as you take on the title of homeowner. Being a homeowner is an exciting new role that you are about to take on, but keep in mind that it is a responsibility. The exciting part about being a homeowner is that you are able to transform your new home into whatever your heart desires. You are able to paint the walls, change the fixtures, and update the carpet, but there are a few things you may not have thought of.

Why buying a house is a commitment:

  1. The updates.
  2. You can’t neglect maintenance.
  3. You are responsible when it’s time to sell your home.

The updates.

Even though making updates to your home can make for a lot of fun weekend projects with your friends and family, those updates cost money. If you are like most households, many do not have extra funds just lying around to update carpet, cabinets, or paint at the drop of a hat. Most households have to save or have separate savings account set up just in case something needs to be updated. Updates are especially important when it’s time to list your home with a local realtor

You can’t neglect maintenance.

As a previous homeowner or a new homeowner, you know that you are responsible for every little thing that goes wrong. There is no one to call. If you have plumbing issues, appliances go out, or there are electrical issues you are responsible. Whether you call a professional or have enough knowledge to do it yourself, you are still committed to the ongoing maintenance of your home. Just like a car, a house can’t run on fumes forever. Giving your home a little TLC will give you a sense of pride like nothing else will.

You are responsible when it’s time to sell your home.

Unlike a rental, you can’t just up and walk away from your home when you are ready to relocate. When you are ready to move you are solely responsible to contact your local realtor to list your home for sale. Along with listing, there are updates that may need to be done in order for your home to pass inspection or just to sell faster. Your home could be on the market for a few days, weeks or even months and that is why you must be committed to your home since it isn’t a decision that you can easily walk away from.

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