Best Staging Tips to Sell your House Fast
Author: spencer   February 20, 2020

Staging your house may be exactly what you need to get your home off the market faster. Staging is a real estate term used to describe the process of decorating your home in order to sell it. It is all about strategically placing furniture and decor in a way that makes your home more attractive to potential buyers. Staging a home may include your own items and furniture or renting new, nice pieces. Here are some of the best staging tips to sell your house fast!

Best staging tips to sell your house fast

  • Get rid of clutter, but add little extras
  • Aim for a light and bright look
  • Stage the important rooms first
  • Don’t forget about your curb appeal
  • De-personalize your house
  • Clean and repair

Get rid of clutter, but add little extras

Buyers like to see clean and empty homes as it allows them to envision themselves living there easier. It’s important to gather up all the little things, box them up, and remove them from the home. Don’t just place your clutter in cupboards or closets as buyers love to open up those places to see potential storage. Examples of items to remove are unseasonal clothes, some decor pieces, and games. However, adding some little extras such as fresh flowers or fruit bowls can help make your home more appealing!

Aim for a light and bright look

Not very many people want to live in a dark and gloomy home. By opening up your blinds or curtains and adding some natural light into your home can be exactly what you need to make your home more enticing. You can also play with artificial lighting by changing the temperature. The whiter the light, the more daylight it will appear. 

Stage the important rooms first

Sometimes you’re not able to stage every room in your home, and that is completely okay. Studies show that the rooms potential buyers care about most are the living room, master bedroom, and kitchen. So focus on those first. Buyers don’t care as much about kid’s rooms on guest rooms so if you aren’t able to stage those, that’s fine. Focus on the rooms that matter most. Clean the whole house, but only stage what you are capable of. 

Don’t forget about your curb appeal

Staging your home isn’t limited to just indoors. First impressions are so important and the first thing about your house potential buyers will notice is the outside. Curb appeal is a fancy way to say how nice your house looks on the outside from first glance. Some things you can do include:

  • Powerwash house and walkways
  • Clean your windows
  • Make your house number easy to read
  • Mow the lawn
  • Trim any greenery and plant new flowers
  • Place a nice welcome mat and add some potted plants
  • Include some outdoor furniture if possible

De-personalize your house

Although your family photos and dog’s toys matter to you, they don’t matter to potential buyers. Buyers love to be able to envision themselves in a home.  It’s important to still provide style and charm, but make your home devoid of personal touches. Remove and box up personal photos, a portion of our clothes, clear off bathroom counters, and remove any overtly religious items as well.  

Clean and repair

If you want to sell your home fast, clean like you’ve never cleaned before. From baseboards to comers of your ceiling and everything in between, make your home look brand new. A clean home suggests to potential buyers that you have taken excellent care of the home. While your cleaning, it’s also a good time to tackle any of the tiny knicks, scratches, and other damages around the home. Make the house look as new as possible and you’re sure to catch a potential buyer’s eye. 

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