Author: Lonisa   May 21, 2015

If you have ever tried to sell your house in the spring or summer than you may be all too familiar with high buyer-demand.  There is also usually a significant  increase in sellers during this time of year; and depending on the local market, there is a lot of competition from all sellers who are looking to sell. Glen Gill, broker and owner at Landmark Properties in Sugar Land, Texas, says three things sell a home in any season: location, condition and price. “If one of those three isn’t good, your home may not sell, but you can always compensate for a less-than-perfect location with a better price,” Gill says. But what else can be done though to sell you home during the spring or summer?

1. Pay Attention to Curb Appeal 

Buyers decide in 60 seconds or less after seeing a home if they are thinking about buying it or not. The buyers who know what they want will know if something has potential, the last thing you want to do is turn them away before they even get to the door.

Make sure you have trimmed the bushes, pulled weeds, pressure washed places like the driveway, front walk, and patio if you have one. Doing those things will immediately make your home easier to see and look clean!  One last thing to check is the front door, a fresh paint job, or new front door goes a long way in making your home feel secure.

2. Slim Down on Possessions 

This is something that can be very concerning to a potentional buyer.  Before putting your house on the market, make sure you have eliminated eye sores in every room.  Make sure your closets are clean and full of space, if you have 20 sweaters, you need to take it down to two, so your closets look bigger, pack up anything you want to keep, and put it off-site in a pod or a storage unit because you want your home to look like it always has plenty of space in all the closets.

If you do sell your home, then it be less you have to move!

3. Pre-inspection Repairs 

One of the most commonly forget things especially if you haven’t maintained your home throughout ownership.  typically ever seller knows what is wrong with a property, and it makes more sense to bring in your own inspector, fix everything before a buyer request to have it fix, and save money in the long run.

It is not uncommon for a buyer’s inspection to find something the home owner knew about, make the request to fix it, and spend $200 more to fix it.

4. The Price is Right ( Literally ) 

Yes the market has improved ten fold in the Lima and northwest Ohio area, but not that doesn’t mean you can shoot for a high price.  As a seller you need to be reasonable and compare your homes to similar properties that have recently sold in the area.

Buyers today are savvy shoppers, if you price too low, they’ll think something is wrong with your home. If you price it too high and have to lower your price, it will hurt you more than if you price it right the first time. Overpriced homes that stay on the market for 90 to 120 days are extremely difficult to sell

5. Hire a REALTOR you trust 

Outside of all the paperwork you’ll have to do…nothing compares to having an professional agent on your side!  A good REALTOR is going to help you make all the tough decisions about pricing, open house events, MLS listing, and so much more.

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