5 things you must do when you move
Author: spencer   January 20, 2021

Are you moving into your new home? Congratulations! Along with the exciting move comes a long list of “to-dos.” That means you have to make a list and check it twice. We want to help you when you move. That is why we put together a list just for you.

5 things you must do to your new home when you move

  1. Change the locks
  2. Remove the toilet seat
  3. Get rid of the “other people smell”
  4. Check the air filters
  5. Check the dryer vents

Change the locks

First things first! Before you start moving your valuables in, you want to make sure no one else has access to your home. Start by making a trip to your local hardware store to pick up all your doorknob and deadbolt necessities. You want to get these locks changed out ASAP because even if you don’t suspect the previous owners of anything you don’t know who else has a copy of their keys.

Remove the toilet seat

Now, you don’t have to completely replace this item (that’s up to you), but we suggest taking it off to give the toilet a good scrub down and then you can place it back on.

Get rid of the “other people smell”

Every house has a smell (even yours). When you move into someone else’s house it “smells like them.” You don’t want to feel like you are invading someone else’s place. That means you need to go to your local retailer and pick up some plug-in air fresheners or candles to give the place a clean smell. Over time you will grow accustomed to the smell of your place and it will no longer smell like the previous owners.

Check the air filters

If you want your energy consumption to be efficient it’s important that you check your units on a regular basis. You don’t know when the last owner changed out the filters, so you will want to check them yourself ASAP. It will eventually save you money in the long run.

Check the dryer vents

You don’t want to walk into someone else’s lint trap that hasn’t been cleaned since who knows when. That’s why you want to pull all the lint out and make sure all vents are cleaned. It’s also a good idea to check these on a regular basis; set a calendar reminder to ensure that you don’t forget.

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