5 Moving Hacks that you can tell your friends
Author: spencer   July 10, 2019

If you’ve moved before you understand how time-consuming the process can be. You could hire professional movers but that can be time-consuming and costly. But, if you are smart you can do it all yourself and still be organized.

5 Moving Hacks that you can tell your friends

  1. Ask around for boxes instead of buying them 
  2. Color coding boxes
  3. Get rid of the clutter
  4. Use towels as packing materials
  5. Ask your friends and family to help you move instead of hiring movers 

Ask around for boxes instead of buying them

Who wants to waste money on moving boxes? In most cases, you don’t have to. Your local retailer may have extra boxes on truck days, you can ask around to see if friends or family have any extra packing boxes in their basement, or start saving those Amazon boxes from your deliveries. Whatever you decide to do, try to save money where you can by looking for free boxes. 

Color coding boxes

If you want your move to be as painless as possible try color coding each box. Go to your local retailer and find colored tape that you can assign to each room of your home. This way you can easily spot that the “red” tape goes in your bedroom and the boxes with “green” tape goes in your bathroom. Making your move as painless as possible will help ensure that you can sit back and relax when it’s all said and done. 

Get rid of the clutter 

While you are organizing all of your stuff to place into moving boxes, it may be wise to dispose of your clutter. Don’t take all of the stuff you don’t need into your new place, get rid of it now. If you think you may need it later, you more than likely won’t. Take the time to donate it, pitch it, or sell it before you pack it away just to move it to the next place. 

Use towels as packing materials 

Another great way to save money where you can is to use your towels and other soft linens as your packing materials. When you do this, you are saving yourself a lot of money by not purchasing bubble wrap. 

Ask your friends and family to help you move instead of hiring movers 

Have you looked into hiring movers? If so, you know it can be expensive. So, if you are looking to save some money, try asking your friends and family for help. They will more than likely want to help especially if you offer some free food during the process. 

Now that you know a few moving hacks, you are prepared to take the big step! If you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to speak to one of our expert Realtors today.

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