5 home organization tips
Author: spencer   February 10, 2021

Do you feel overwhelmed with your daily tasks? Do the day-to-day chores take up so much of your time that you don’t have time to keep up with your house? If so, we want to help! We have put together a list of simple ways to help you get organized. This list will help you better prioritize organization and cleanliness when your schedule is full.

5 home organization tips:

  1. Do the thing you keep putting off first

  2. Set important mail aside

  3. Downsize your closet

  4. Organize your entryway

  5. Just throw it away

Do the thing you keep putting off first

What are you putting off? Is it the laundry? Dishes? Cleaning? Dusting? Whatever it is, the best way to get started is to do the most dreaded activity first. This way you will get going and feel relieved once you can check the most dreaded activity off of your list.

Set important mail aside

If you want to be organized your need to do the small things first. Mail can be overwhelming at times. There is junk, bills, things you need to keep for taxes, mail from your children’s school, coupons, etc. But, if you start organizing with something as simple as a file folder it will be easier to find the items you need when it comes time.

Downsize your closet

If you are overwhelmed by the loss of space or too much laundry it may be time to downsize your belongings. It may seem nice to have a lot of clothes, but it really creates a lot of work for you in the long run. Downsize your closet with the things you wear on a regular basis and donate or sell the rest. Once you keep the things you need your to-do list will be smaller because you won’t have so much laundry.

Organize your entryway

Do you have trouble finding your keys? Important documents? Shoes? Coats? Hats? Pet supplies? If so, you need to set up an organizational system to help simplify your life. You shouldn’t be stressed when it’s time to walk out the door. Put all of your items in the same place so you know where to find them when it comes time.

Just throw it away

If you are like most people, you have trash lying around that you don’t need. For example expired foods, empty boxes, old clothes, shoes, old mail, expired flyers, etc. These things are only adding to your clutter because they are not needed. If you simplify your items to only keep the things that you need, it will be easier to find and keep clean what you do.

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