5 essentials for a successful residential property listing
Author: RSRE   June 10, 2021

A successful residential property listing is not only important in helping you get a good price, but also imperative in order to sell your home as quickly as possible. In this blog post, we will cover the seven essentials of a successful residential property listing.

7 essentials for a successful residential property listing:

1) Professional photos – Pictures are worth 1,000 words so you want them to be high quality and well-lit if possible. You may even consider hiring a professional photographer for these pictures since they have better equipment than what most people own. Make sure that there is something unique about the house like an outdoor view or architectural detail in each picture. 

2) A short description – This should include things such as location, square footage, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, and any other features that are important. 

3). The property must be accurately represented in the listing

4) Include a complete description of the home

5) Make sure to include features that are not visible from the street – for example, if there is a pool or deck in your backyard, mention it!

6) Provide an accurate assessment of monthly costs and taxes (i.e., HOA fees)

7) Be clear about any restrictions inside or outside the home (i.e. pets, smoking, etc.).  Showcase your house as one with character by showing off its unique features and design elements

To recap everything in this blog post make sure that your listing stands out and attracts potential buyers. When it comes to residential property listings, this means ensuring that you have a strong description of the home’s features, an accurate list of amenities, as well as good quality photos and videos. It also helps if your listing includes information about its location or other nearby attractions. If you’re ready to take steps towards getting more views for your online property listings contact us today at 419-228-8899. 

If you have questions about home buying or selling, be sure to contact one of our expert agents today.

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