4 Winter Open House Tips
Author: spencer   November 20, 2020

Winter is a great time to sell your home! However, once you get it on the market, you must be prepared for the open houses that will be scheduled to get your home sold as quickly as possible.

4 Winter Open House Tips 

  1. Clear the driveway, sidewalk, and porch
  2. Where can they wipe their shoes?
  3. Make your home feel “cozy”
  4. Leave a snack

Clear the driveway, sidewalk, and porch

It is crucial that your walkways are ready for potential visitors. Having your driveway, sidewalk, or porch covered in snow is a great way to upset your potential buyers before they even enter your home. You must remember that first impressions are everything. If buyers have a bad taste in their mouth before they even enter your home, then you may as well forget it. It’s really hard to make up for the bad first impression once they are inside.

Where can they wipe their shoes? 

With winter, comes wet shoes. You don’t want your guests dragging their wet and mushy feet throughout your home. Leave a designated rug or sign that will catch their attention before they make it out of the entranceway. This may even be a good place to leave a treat (that will grab the attention of their noses as well).

Make your home feel “cozy”

During the cold season, there is nothing like walking into your home and just relaxing. That is why you want your home to feel as cozy as possible. Throw some blankets on the back of the couch, have the fireplace on, and don’t forget the temperature. Make sure it’s comfortable (not too hot or too cold).

Leave a snack

Your potential buyers will pay attention to how your house smells (and yes, every house has a smell). Bake some cookies or plugin a scented air freshener to leave the house smelling good. You may also consider leaving coffee or cider out for your guests as they walkthrough. Leaving a lasting impression is important because depending on how many houses they are looking at on a given day, they may remember yours because of how it made them feel.

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