4 tips to help you keep your house clean
Author: spencer   March 10, 2021

Keeping your house clean is another chore that seems to get put on the back burner, especially if you have little kids. Your day is full of things you “have” to do and cleaning the house is something that gets put off. When you spend most of your time at work, going to the grocery store, paying bills, doing yard work, and taking care of the children there isn’t much time left in the day. That is why we have pulled together some helpful tips to help make cleaning the house a little easier.

4 tips to help you keep your house clean:

  1. Get rid of your clutter
  2. Dedicate a day of the week to a specific room
  3. Spend 5 minutes in each room
  4. Always put your dirty clothes and shoes away

Get rid of your clutter

The more you have, the more there is to clean. Do you have an obscene amount of clothes? Are the dishes piled up because you just don’t have time to clean them? Do you have things shoved in places that you haven’t touched in years? Whatever the case may be for you we have good news! The less you have, the less you have to clean. It’s true! If you keep your clutter to a minimum it is so much easier to maintain. That is why we suggest having a garage sale or throwing away excess items that you don’t need.

Dedicate a day of the week to a specific room

Do you feel overwhelmed when you look at your house? Are you not sure where to start? If that’s the case, we suggest dedicating a specific day of the week to each room of the house. Try cleaning your bathroom on Saturday mornings, do the dishes on Sundays, laundry on Mondays, and so on. With a lot of tasks at hand, it is easier to get them done when you have them spread out.

Spend 5 minutes in each room

Depending on your lifestyle it may be easier to spend 5 minutes in each room every day. This way you can easily maintain your mess before it gets out of control. When you spend 5 minutes putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher or 5 minutes wiping down the bathroom sink the chores are less of a burden when it comes to cleaning.

Always put your dirty clothes and shoes away

If you are one of those people who always seems to throw your dirty clothes on the floor you will find that the mess you make doubles every day. When you start small it is easier to keep your house clean. Always put your dirty clothes in the specified laundry baskets when you are done with them. Another thing you can do to help keep your floors clean is to put your dirty shoes away and not track all that dirt throughout the house.

We hope that we helped provide you with some time-saving cleaning tips! If you have questions about home buying or selling, be sure to contact one of our expert agents today.

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