Author: Lonisa   February 19, 2016

Make Easter a holiday that gets the whole family involved with decorating the house!

Here is EGGxactly what to do… (no pun intended).


1. Create an Easter Wreath

Step 1: Buy twig strands; small wreath and large wreath ( or make your own from twig strangs)

Step 2: Buy pink, green, or yellow ribbon

Step 3: Use zip ties to connect the two wreaths ( little & big)

Step 4: Use the twig strands to make the bunny ears and use zip ties to put on the wreath

step 5: Tie your ribbon into a bow then hot glue the bow onto the bunny


2. Create an Easter garden sign


Step 1: Buy a wooden yardstick, then buy three pieces of wood (size at your own discretion)

Step 2: Get white, black, and baby blue paint (colors at your own discretion)

Step 3: Paint the wood white, including the wooden yardstick

Step 4: Cut out a bunny head and paint around it blue then add the face with a black sharpie marker

Step 5: Then paint the two wooden pieces that are supposed to say “ Bunny Crossing”

Step 6: Let the paint dry

Step 7: Either freehand or use a stencil to write bunny crossing; then use black to paint the words


3. Create an Easter center piece


Step 1: Buy a pack of balloons, different colors of yarn, regular white bottled glue and a glass center piece

Step 2: Blow up the balloons

Step 3: Dip the string in glue and wrap the string around the balloon

Step 4: Let the glue dry for an hour then pop the balloon


4. Easy Easter crafts for the kids


Step 1: Pick out a 5×7 frame

Step 2: Get assorted buttons in sizes and colors

Step 3: Draw an egg on a blank piece of paper that is 5×7

Step 4: Put the paper in the frame; leave the glass off of the frame

Step 5: Help the children glue on the buttons inside of the outline of the egg

Step 6: Let dry, then hang up around the house

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