Author: Lonisa   October 16, 2015

You’ve put your home on the market. So now what? Real estate agents are going to be ready to try to sell your house at every chance they get. You’re going to have prospective buyers in and out of your house until it’s sold. Despite a consistent disruption in your home, you have to try to live as normally as possible. As if there weren’t complete strangers wandering through your home every weekend. Here’s some tips on living in your home after you’ve put it up for sale.

Start packing. Even if your home has just been put on the market, you should start packing. You can start by packing the items that you know you will not need in the near future. You should start decluttering as much as possible to save yourself from the stress later on, closer to the moving day.


Declutter. As mentioned above, decluttering can eliminate a lot of unnecessary stress from the moving process. Decluttering before you move rather than after you move makes a lot more sense and will save you a lot more room in your moving vehicles. To declutter go through everything! Whether you throw stuff away, donate it, or sell it, anything will help. Plus, as you declutter, you can also clean. Making more room and cleaning up all spaces will make your home more appealing to potential buyers.


Protect your valuables. There are going to be a lot of people going through your home in the next few months. Probably people who are complete strangers. It is important to make sure you protect all things that are valuable to you, especially because these potential buyers have the right to look through every inch of your home. Either take things of value with you or lock them away. Don’t leave anything out that you wouldn’t want other people seeing or having access to. Be very thorough when protecting the valuables in your home!


Get out of the house. After you have cleaned and done all of the necessary prep work for the open houses and showings, it is best that you leave your home for the necessary amount of time. It is better that you are not in the home when the potential buyers and your real estate agent are going through the house. The buyers aren’t going to want to feel like you are hovering over them, and the real estate agent needs to have the room to do his or her job.



Living in your home after you have put it up for sale can be very difficult and feel very stressful. You need to use the time to start organizing and preparing for moving day to make the transition much easier. Take advantage of the time that you have in your home to do the decluttering that you have been wanting to do and to eliminate potential stress in the long run. The more prepared you are, the faster your home will sell and the faster you can move out.