Author: Lonisa   November 11, 2015

Most people avoid buying a home during the winter months. Who wants to move when temperatures are low and there could be snow on the ground. As if moving wasn’t already hard enough, add in some snow to trudge through and it sounds like a pretty big mess. Although moving during the winter months could be a bit more challenging, it will be well worth it for you. Because the winter months aren’t a very popular time to move, there are a lot of benefits to buying a home in the winter that you may not be aware of. Here’s why you should consider buying a home in the winter.

Lower prices. Even during the winter months, people still need to sell their home. Because there are less people looking to buy a home in the winter, chances are sellers are going to be more willing to give you a good deal in order to sell their home.

Less competition. The most popular seasons to buy and sell homes are spring and summer. So during the winter months there will be less people looking to buy a home, but there could also be less people selling a home. Those that do sell during the winter months are probably not doing so voluntarily. They may have to relocate because of a job which means they are going to be even more antsy to sell their home, which is a great thing for you. These sellers may be more willing to make a deal with you when it comes to price. Although your selection of homes to buy in the winter may be smaller, this could be a good thing. Less options means less time you spend looking through homes. It will be easier for you to find one that meets all of your needs. Finally, because there will be less competition, you may not have to make a decision as quickly. Whereas in the spring and summer you have to act quickly, in the winter you may have more time to think things over.


Chance to see how the home performs in the winter. One downside to buying during the spring and summer that most people don’t think of is you don’t get the chance to see how the home performs in the winter. This is a very important aspect of the home to be able to see. Does the home seem cold when you’re walking through it? Are the windows letting in a draft? Is there a working heating system and hot water? Aside from the home specifically, you can see how the neighborhood functions during the winter. Are driveways and sidewalks cleared? Does the town plow the roads? These are all important things to consider when buying a home.

Availability of agents. As mentioned above, spring and summer are the most popular months for real estate, which means you will have access to more real estate agents during the winter months. With less clients during these months, a real estate agent can really focus on you and your home needs. Along with real estate agents, lenders will also be more available to help you. Some lenders may even waive your fees during the winter months to get you to use their services.
Don’t let the cold weather and snow scare you away from buying a home during the winter. While others buy in the spring and the summer, this leaves the winter months open for you to take your time when buying a home. You can receive the attention you deserve when it comes to finding a home that meets all of your needs. Buy in the winter to save money, beat the competition, and consider your decision to buy carefully.