3 tips to help prepare your home to sell
Author: RSRE   March 20, 2021

Have you decided to sell your home this year? If so, you know there is a lot of work that needs to be done. That is why we have put together a short checklist of things you should do to help get your home on the market.

3 tips to help prepare your home to sell:

  1. Know the age of “big-ticket” items
  2. Have an inspection done
  3. Consider last-minute renovations

Know the age of “big-ticket” items

Your buyers will be coming in with a long list of questions so it’s important to be ready. If you don’t know how old your big-ticket items are such as your roof, furnace, a/c unit, and water heater — it’s important to do some investigation. Buyers will be curious because they may not want to buy your home if they have to come in and replace all of these things. You also may consider giving the buyer a home warranty to help ease their minds.

Have an inspection done

Often, sellers think that a home inspection is something that is reserved just for the buyer but that is not true. You as the seller can request a home inspection on your own property. This will have the professionals come out and give you a report on things that may need to be fixed in your home. Knowing what needed to be done may help you save money because if the buyer notices these things they may ask for money to help offset the cost of repairs.

Consider last-minute renovations

Depending on how your home inspection comes back you may be looking at spending some money before you list your home. If that is the case, you will want to consider your return on investment. Some renovations don’t yield the return that you would expect. Of course, a new roof, water heater, etc. will yield a return because those items are not something buyers want to spend money on. But, if you are considering updating the flooring or paint last minute you may want to step back and reconsider that your taste may not be the same as your potential buyers.

Now that you know some of the things you should consider looking over before listing your home, we hope that you feel more confident and comfortable with your decision. If you have questions about home buying or selling, be sure to contact one of our expert agents today.