Investing in Real Estate
Author: RSRE   September 12, 2016

One the worst collapses in American history was the 2007 housing market, it made many wonder if our homes would ever come back to true market value. The crash of 2007 made us doubt if real estate was a good investment. Well, below we see 3 signs why right now you should invest in real estate.

Low Interest Rates: The 30 year mortgage rate is still at a historic low of 3.75%, which defies the expectations from investors who thought it would reach 5% this year. Lower interest rates across the board are bringing investors back, which is why now is a great time to buy real estate. If you want to dig deeper into mortgage rates. Take a look at the 15 year mortgage rate.

Home Prices: There is still great confidence in home prices as they climb to pre-collapse levels. The nationwide average is $50,000 short of the 2007 high. How many more years will it take, we are not sure. It could take 3 – 5 years for our Lima area market to see those results. The larger markets like New York, San Francisco, and Miami could see new all-time highs in as little as three years. This again though is just speculation and while recent trends do support the continued rise in real estate prices, nothing is every a promise.

The American Dream: There is a large own v.s. rent debate being driven by economists who believe homeownership is no longer part of the American Dream. While both parties have great valid arguments. There is still a lot of hope for American families to have their own home.

Owning your own home, like any investment, will have a risk. Right now the market conditions say buy. So What are you going to do?